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The Financial Planning Process

Your financial well-being requires time, understanding and focus. SageView assists clients, just like you, in understanding and managing their assets, debts, and cash flow up to and beyond retirement. We help our clients design and execute a plan to pursue their long-term financial goals. There is confidence in knowing where you are, where you want to be and understanding how you’re going to get there.

Nothing is more important financially than understanding your goals and making informed decisions to help you pursue them. By aligning your actions with your goals and financial resources, the probability you will be successful is greatly improved. Maintaining discipline and following a process will keep you on track.

SageView will be your partner along the way to bring clarity regarding your financial future. We’ll help you see where you’re going.

SageView can support you on a broad range of topics: 

Our Process

Benefit Plan Decisions

Our History

Income and Investment Strategy

Our Values

Insurance and Asset Protection

Our Resources

Retirement Planning

Our Process

Risk Management

Our History

Education and Goals Planning

Our Values

Debt Management

Our Resources

Estate Planning

Three levels of service based on your needs:

Retirement Readiness

  • Broad investment advice
  • High level review of your financial picture, opportunities and goals

Comprehensive Financial Planning

All Retirement Readiness services, plus: 

  • Investment plan design and implementation
  • Detailed disability, income, estate and education planning
  • Risk management with life insurance and long-term care insurance
  • Regular meetings to track progress and adjust as needed

SageView Signature Service

All Comprehensive Financial Planning services, plus:

  • Detailed analysis of your complete financial picture, assessment of opportunities, risks and future goals
  • Total Client Profile and lifetime Action Plan focused on Wealth Management, Wealth Protection, Wealth Transfer and Wealth Legacy
  • Retirement cash flow stress testing and access to a personal digital vault

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